“I didn’t know anyone when I first walked in on my own. Straight away, people spoke to me and took me under their wing. I knew immediately I wanted to join.”

I enjoy the experience of singing and listening to the music, particularly as it ‘takes shape’ over the weeks.”

I love the chance to sing your heart out after work!”

“I love being part of this friendly choir.   I love discovering more about music more generally and my own abilities – it’s opening up a whole new world for me.”

“I enjoy every single second of everything we do.”

“Ben is a marvellous musical director. We have a good balance of fun and discipline.”

“I’ve made some really good friends in the choir.  A great bonus on top of very enjoyable singing.”

“The choir provides a  good shakeup of the brain cells, a good deal of artistic satisfaction and education, and is an enjoyable addition to social life.”