music basics



This part of the site is for beginners in music reading and is intended to give the user a fighting chance when confronted by a piece of music.

You can navigate around this area either by clicking on the piece of music below or by using the links underneath. The music is the beginning of the Cantique de Jean Racine by Gabriel Fauré by the way.

A piece of

Clefs - those curly things at the front of the staves (the lines)

Notes - length and pitch

Time Signatures - have you got good timing? Why is the conductor waving that stick at you?

Dynamics - Soft or loud?

Key Signatures, Sharps and Flats and Naturels - Get this right and look good!

Squggly Bits - These are all over the place - check out here what they all mean

Expressions - Feeling moody? These will tell you what mood to feel!

Tempo - Quick? Slow? Quick? Quick? Slow?




brackets and
        braces a treble
        clef a bass
        clef key
        signature key
        signature time
        signature time
        signature expression metronome
        mark expression expression a slur a
        dynamic (p = piano / softly) a
        triplet a minim
        rest a crotcet
        rest a
        semibreve a minim a minim a
        crotchet on top of a quaver a minim a minim a
        "natural" a quaver
        rest a quaver
        rest a stave
        (the lines) a stave
        (the lines) lots of
        quavers more