Future Events

Our next concert is a bit in the air because of Covid-19.  We had to cancel all three concerts in 2020, but we are still planning for Handel’s Messiah as soon as possible.

Like many choirs, we are rehearsing on Zoom. It means we miss the sounds and the support of physical rehearsals side-by-side – for a start, we can’t hear each other! But we are able to concentrate more on technique and sight-singing – and we are getting more used to the sound of our own voices.  Ben is as inspiring as ever – and it is great to see each other each week!

Virtual Rehearsal
Practising some techniques before our virtual rehearsal

Our Summer term will start at 7pm on 15 April 2021.  We will be singing Requiem by  Gabriel Faure and Rejoice in the Lamb by Benjamin Britten. Drop us a line if you want to take part and we will let you know how to join by Zoom.  (NB to join by Zoom you will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection.  It is not essential that your device has a camera, but you will need the audio on your device to work.   It is possible to join on a phone line, but obviously this is likely to be more challenging.)