During Covid lockdown we couldn’t sing together in person

and we weren’t able to do our usual charity carol singing at Christmas, but in December 2020, twenty of us recorded these carols.  Guided by our Musical Director, Ben, we each recorded our part onto a phone or a tablet.

The individual voices were then mixed to form a virtual choir. We are very proud of those members who accepted the challenge. For some (viz our webmaster) it was near traumatic, but we think that for our first attempt, the combined effect is not bad.  We hope you enjoy them!

Click here to listen to the audio

As well as in-person rehearsals, we have missed the buzz of concert days, the fun of picnics, the excitement of foreign trips, the joy of carol singing and the camaraderie of Christmas dinners which also make up an important part of our choir’s life.  The happy memories in the photomontages below helped us look forward to brighter times ahead.   (NB try not to be put off by the mismatch of scores we are holding in Coventry Carol!)

Silent Night

Coventry Carol

Bleak midwinter