How much does it cost

We try to keep our fees as low as possible – and you should find we are quite competitive for a London choir.  The fee for the summer term is £47.  (We have three terms in a year.)  During the Covid19 pandemic, we are also offering an ‘associate’ membership to anyone who feels it is appropriate: suggested amount £20 for the term – but please feel free to pay whatever feels right for you.

You can find more details in our Membership fees page.   Subscriptions go towards covering our expenses – which include our musical director and accompanist’s fees, concert venue, soloists and instrument hire.

Any extra costs?  You will usually have to buy/hire your own music. And for concerts, you’ll need to wear smart black clothes and to buy or borrow an RFMS folder.

Concessionary rates   The RFMS Assisted Places Scheme provides a limited number of places on reduced fees to assist people on lower incomes who would not otherwise be able to take part. Please click here for more information.

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